Find a Way – [H.E.R.] ft. [Lil Durk] [Lil Baby]

“Got this shit up out the mud, still grinding like I’m tryna get my weight up.” H.E.R. preaches messages of the importance of staying the path, and remaining committed to the paper, in her newest single, “Find a Way,” featuring Lil Durk and Lil Baby. She combines her flawless, delicate, yet powerful voice with lyrics of grit and determination to create a catchy, light hook that Durk and Baby both follow in precision.

The three create a trio that is compiled of some of the most influential and successful artists of the previous few years, and it’s clear they’ve found a infallible formula in “Find a Way.”

With the main theme of the song relating to staying true, Baby and Durk add verses of memory from before the fame, and what it’s taken to get to the point they’re all at now – and all of the trials and tribulations that they’ve encountered along the way. It’s clear that money is the primary motivation, and getting to the bag comes with cost and consequences, with lost relationships and unpleased enemies.

“I got in my bag, when I looked up ain’t see nun’ but bunch of haters, no matter how much money we went through, we never let the paper chase us.”

Stream H.E.R.’s: “Find a Way ft. Lil Baby and Lil Durk,” on Spotify below!