FINALLY – [Cochise]

Cochise is honestly not someone that has been on my radar for nearly as long as a lot of other artists that I frequently listen to, but from the moment I first heard him rap, I knew he was going to change the landscape of music. In fact, I remember the first verse I had ever heard from him which happened to be on the song “Right Now” with TyFontaine on Internet Money’s debut album B4 the Storm, and even though I’m sure I was late to the party then, I have made sure to not forego any other music from the Florida emcee.

If you haven’t kept up with Cochise, you missed out on some massive accomplishments with the most recent being his selection for the 2022 XXL Freshman list, but that was before his album THE INSPECTION even dropped, so he was lining things up to really make a splash more than ever this year. On his album, there are 13 self-produced or co-produced songs that last almost 36 minutes long with insane features like Chief Keef and Young Nudy, but I am even more thrilled about the fact that this is only the beginning for the young rapper.

The last song on the project was “FINALLY” which was produced by Lousho, and when it came up on my newsfeed that Chivalry directed this track’s music video, I wasted no time and headed straight to YouTube. Cochise begins by sitting down in the seats of an empty auditorium to watch an orchestra perform while dressed to the nines in a suit. The next scene is totally different, though, because he hits a lick and escapes in a car, flaunting the money he just stole prior to giving some of his loot to a homeless man in need.

Lastly, he heads to the office to tear things up, showing off the fact that he’s his own boss as a money counter tallies his cash and he dances around the office like he just won the lottery. All in all, this video was extremely well put-together, but my favorite part is the fact that Cochise seems to be genuinely grateful for the success he has received, and when you see someone as talented as him receive the levels of recognition that he gets, you can’t help but continue to root for him to win!