FILA- [Fat Nick] ft. [Big Soto]

Fat Nick is one of those artists who has amassed a noteworthy following over the past few years, but he has done this his own way by his own rules. He’s not trying to impress anyone and just wants to make good music that he enjoys, but it turns out that the sounds he likes also appeals to a constantly growing fanbase. He’s just so smooth on songs, boasting impressive flows that can be subdued and calm or wild and enthusiastic. Although his lyrical content can sometimes feel repetitive in all honesty, he manages to implement fresh deliveries and wordplay that makes these themes sound as if they’re brand-new and have never been heard before.

Nick does this in a different way with his latest track “FILA” and rather than using wordplay to keep topics fresh, he actually taps into his Hispanic roots and raps the entire song in Spanish which is something that I’ve never heard from the Florida-based rapper. Native guitar strums, succinct drums, and shaking percussive elements pave the way for an interesting take on a song that I would actually categorize as Reggaeton, which is a genre that has been blowing up in recent years. I’m not even going to front, I don’t speak Spanish very well whatsoever so I have no idea what he’s saying. All I know is he sounds just as appealing and impressive as ever, utilizing similar flows that he does in his typical English-speaking songs. His counterpart Big Soto continues on in Spanish, keeping a calm demeanor and even gets to the point where he’s almost whispering during certain moments within his verse. The beat even switches up and gets very choppy at times, but Soto rolls with the punches and switches his flows to match the production.

The visual actually takes place in Mexico City, where the duo strolls around a market and hangs out on a roof that’s surrounded by vibrant buildings as they dance and enjoy themselves. Everything and everyone in the video, from the artists to the patrons and even their surroundings, is packed full of color. This is extremely pleasing to the eye and probably took some stress off of the videographer considering it brought elements to the visual that erase the need for extensive effects and animations to liven up the scenes. One of my favorite settings that they can be found in is on the sideline of a soccer field. I just find this shot pretty comical as they rap their verses with a children’s soccer game being played in the background.

Although I couldn’t really understand the words being spoken, I feel like this song can be universally enjoyed. The beat makes you want to get up and move, the rappers have an infectious aura surrounding them, and it’s just a solid song regardless of the language barriers some may face. I also can’t blame Fat Nick for capitalizing on the booming Reggaeton genre of music considering it’s absolutely exploding all over the world. Who knows if he’ll keep making songs in a similar fashion as this or if this was just another experiment that he wanted to test out, but either way I’m a fan. Check out the vibrant new track “FILA” by Fat Nick featuring Big Soto below.