Figures 2 – [Ethereal] ft. [Coodie Breeze] [Faye Webster] & [Archibald SLIM]

Awful Records has maintained its reputation throughout the years as an incredibly unique base of incredible talents, and today, Ethereal is here to offer up a testament to this claim with his new single, “Figures 2” alongside Coodie Breeze, Faye Webster, and Archibald SLIM. Relaxed yet highly lyrical, this release reminds us all why the Atlanta natives have become renowned names in music, as the eccentric sound and skillful deliveries seemingly jog alongside the instrumental in an undeniably compelling fashion. Faye Webster’s ringing vocals lay out a smooth chorus to clash against the rap-minded styles of the accompanying acts, and as a whole, “Figures 2” works very well in its entirety. Ethereal has had a constant supply of dope sounds coming out as of late, and this song most definitely maintains the win streak. Listen to “Figures” 2 at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!