Fights Don’t Matter – [Drakeo The Ruler]

Drakeo The Ruler is an absolute legend, and despite his wrongful incarceration for so much longer than he should have gotten, he stayed strong and never let him get down on himself. Even though he knew he didn’t deserve to be locked up but the LA court system wouldn’t let him out, he used this as the fuel for his fire that drove his incredible work ethic to new places, constantly recording verses on phone calls that he’d make from within the prison he was being held in.

Unsurprisingly, the moment he was finally free, he didn’t waste any time and headed straight to the studio to get some things off his chest in one of the best ways he knows how, through music. This led to his song “Fights Don’t Matter”, the first single off of his upcoming project We Know the Truth. Thank You Fizzle and Al B Smoove teamed up to bring the instrumental to life, using high-pitched instruments combined with crisp hats and snaps as well as a groovy, deep baseline that gives this record a familiar West Coast sound that puts Drakeo right at home, where he deserves to be.

Despite the hyphy, mischievous disposition of the production, Drakeo remains as calm, cool, and collected as ever, spitting some straightforward bars that never show him getting too enthused but rather remaining even-keeled throughout the entire song, per usual. Although his demeanor might be unphased and casual, some of the more violent, ruthless topics he delves into oppose his charisma incredibly, making anyone who’s not on his side of the argument shake in their boots and run for the hills. All in all, Drakeo’s message is loud and clear, proving that the street code is for real and if you don’t abide by it, you’ll find yourself in an unfavorable situation in one way or another.

Luckily, we get a Lil Gucci-shot music video for this hit, and it makes it even better that we actually get to see Drakeo out in his element with his crew once again, something that was uncertain only a couple of weeks ago. As the visual opens, Drakeo is standing in front of a massive mountain of cash as he vigorously picks up the bills. He’s shirtless showing off his fully tattooed torso, and the only things that can possibly distract you from the man himself are the various diamond-studded chains that are draped around his neck and sparkle in the light.

While he recites his bars, his homies hangout around him and vibe out with the Rap legend, and he even dances with some impressive moves during various moments throughout. While there aren’t too many differentiating scenes throughout, transitions like hundred-dollar bills ripping to reveal the next shot and other similar cuts are used. Either way, although this isn’t the most uncharacteristic music video, it’s just amazing to see Drakeo out of the system and with his group, because it’s where he belongs.

It says so much that instead of going anywhere else after his release, Drakeo headed right to the studio. It makes sense that he has so much he wants to get off of his chest after spending a few years behind bars, but most artists might head to the club or the designer stores to treat themselves after such an uncertain moment in time. Drakeo is truly one of a kind, and whether his music is for you or not, you can’t help but respect his work ethic and determination to keep grinding within his career. Now that he’s out, I think it’s certain that we can expect an overflow of new music from the California icon, and while we wait for more details on We Know the Truth, make sure you check out the project’s first single “Fights Don’t Matter” below.