Fight You – [RelicRhymes] x [LLOADED]

New Jersey’s RelicRhymes has been making waves with his in-your-face style and relentless passion for his craft. His recent collaboration with LLOADED on the high-energy track, “Fight You,” is another portrayal of his potential. This dynamic duo comes together to trade fiery verses about their lives, adventures as young bachelors navigating the vibrant streets of their respective cities, and much more. RelicRhymes’ ascent to prominence was further fueled by the release of his highly streamed project, “The Relic Tape.” This body of work showcased his versatility and ability to collaborate with emerging talents. Drawing inspiration from Detroit, the project featured notable artists such as Madmarcc, FN DaDealer, Samad Savage, and YFM Ray.

“Fight You” is a notable departure from the typical “angry” rap style that has become increasingly prevalent in the industry. RelicRhymes manages to infuse this energy with a unique twist, making it more palatable for a wider audience. Adding to the intrigue is the contrasting sound brought by featured artist LLOADED, whose delicate touch adds an extra layer of dimension to the track.

However, what sets RelicRhymes apart is not just his musical talent, but also his unique approach to engaging with his audience. He embarked on a journey down the East Coast, leaving hidden treasures in random locations for lucky discoverers. Envelopes containing $1000, AirPods, exclusive merchandise, and more were scattered throughout his path, creating a buzz that reverberated both online and offline. With over 750,000 views on YouTube and a staggering 3 million likes on TikTok, RelicRhymes is rapidly becoming a social media sensation. His Spotify presence, boasting nearly 7,000 monthly listeners, is expected to surge as he continues to carve out a niche for his music.

RelicRhymes and LLOADED delivered on this fiery new track, one that I think could propel them even further into the limelight. “Fight You” is a testament to their talent and a must-listen for any music enthusiast looking for something fresh and dynamic in the world of hip-hop. Stream it below!