Fight It-[Ouse]&[Elijah Midjord]

A 19-year-old artist from Iceland named Ouse is making it onto our pages for the release of his latest song called, “Fight It”. Before this track, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of his music, but I’m extremely grateful that I’m not able to say that anymore. With over one-million monthly listeners, it’s safe to say that Ouse is building himself an extensive fan base that is only going to grow as more time passes on.

“Fight It” is a high energy summer track that wastes no time in getting started. I’ve heard a lot of new music over the past few weeks, and this one most definitely stands out in all of the best ways. Ouse is a one man rock band in this track. There is nothing but youthful energy bleeding all throughout “Fight It”. To raise the bar even higher, Ouse decided to tap in fellow collaborator, Elijah Midjord to add some extra flare to an already well rounded offering. There are a lot of really amazing elements they take shape in this brand new piece and I’m so excited for y’all to listen to it.

“Fight It” is out on all streaming platforms. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!