fiftypercentgratuity – [Blvck Svm] & [Sebastian Kamae]

Blvck Svm is a name that has come across my radar a few times, but it wasn’t until I read his bio on Spotify that I knew I had to tap in with this perseverant emcee. Although he is from South Florida, he decided to go to college in Chicago, remaining here after school in order to chase his dream in a bigger city than his home. Covid caused problems for everyone, but his main debate was either staying here to pursue a risky career in music or moving back home and finding a normal, everyday job.

Luckily, he decided to grind it out and find his own path in the music business, and while this is something that a very select few talents can claim that worked out for them, after seeing the numbers that he has been putting up, it is safe to say that he definitely made the right choice. My introduction to this promising rising emcee is his EP fiftypercentgratuity, a collaboration between him and producer Sebastian Kamae, and while it is much calmer than my typical preferences would say, I found myself instantly entrenched within his incredible sonic world.

Sebastian does an insane job on the instrumentals, incorporating mystifying, luxurious melodies alongside dreamy instruments and pensive drums, much like The Alchemist might approach production which is as high of a compliment as I can give. As Svm spits, it seems as if he is barely awake in the best possible way as he lets some of the wittiest phrases and subtle flexes imaginable roll off of his tongue with ease.

His tone of voice is pretty consistent throughout, but he never really needs to elevate his enthusiasm because his cadence and vocal sleekness would steal the show regardless. I feel as if he could fit into a similar lane as Curren$y, Earl Sweatshirt, or any other lyrical geniuses, but Svm is doing things on his own terms, and his collaborative EP with Sebastian Kamae is just one of those projects that you need to tap in with so you don’t miss out on someone who is sure to be one of the brightest up-and-comers in the entire industry.