Fifty – [Nigo Chanel]

One of the most admirable qualities of the grander modern music landscape is how free-ranging its most promising artists come to be. These acts are toying with already-established sounds and creating brand new ones from it at a rapid pace; it’s a process that highlights their versatile nature just as much as it opens the doors for new takes on the baseline concept of “genre” to arise. 

An artist who exemplifies the absolute best of what this idea represents is Nigo Chanel — a figure who has become known for his constant attempts at new sounds and styles as every single new offering of theirs comes about. He toys with a number of these approaches while still keeping to his roots within the ever-prominent “slay” scene, creating a brand new insight into that style as well by extension.

These traits are effectively highlighted in Nigo’s latest single entitled “Fifity,” something of a laid-back take on smooth hip-hop and r&b embellishments. Keeping with what makes an artist like this so special, it’s a track that flaunts just as much of his natural gift of performing as it does his wholly unique place amongst his peers. 

The entire song is an atmospheric ballad that relishes in its sheer aura alone, a fact exemplified by 30nickk’s simply magnificent production work. They craft together a spacious environment fit for such a relaxed approach, what with the beat’s fluttering background synths that float gently over its admittedly rough low-end and percussion sections. 

But Nigo takes advantage of the instrumental’s gritty facets by way of their always-resounding vocal work. Despite the beat being so rich in its almost-heavenly nature, his performance on the mic is fast-paced, moving, and off-kilter in the absolute best ways imaginable. These types of descriptions match his ties to his aforementioned roots, and they make for a magnificent experience here just based on how flawlessly he incorporates them into this new environment. 

What Nigo has done here is not anything new; he has made a career up to this point out of being purposefully experimental in this manner. But with each successive example of his work comes a new level of artistry added to his catalog — one that will reach the ears of so many more listeners once more and more people recognize his untapped musicianship as time moves forward.