Fiction – [DWLLRS]

There’s no denying our admiration for Southern California duo DWLLRS, but it appears the world is beginning to catch up as well. The San Clemente duo, Bren Eissman, and Joey Spurgeon, recently caught the attention of non-other than Justin Bieber himself and with that has brought a sea of new fans to the pop duo who have welcomed said fans with their new single, “Fiction.” The new release is a departure from some of their previously released songs as the pair experiment with breakout elements of energy and pitched vocals atop a flipped soundbed of breezy guitars and driving electronic drums. The balanced performance between cathartic screams and soulful serenades perfectly texturizes the song’s narrative of an internal back and forth. DWLLRS is clearly stepping into their own, finding an exciting balance between their surf-pop signature and a new uptempo electronically manipulated hyper pop-esque drum patterns that sheds light on their development thus far.

Listen to “Fiction” by DWLLRS below.