Fetish – [Josef Lamercier] x [Nico Oroc] x [PHABO]

The music Gods have been good to us this week and debatably the greatest blessing that’s been bestowed upon us has been the return of Josef Lamercier. While I’ve taken a brief hiatus from covering r&b over the last week or so, it’s about time that I get back to my bread and butter and shed light on one of the smoothest records I’ve heard in recent memory. After dropping “Figure It Out”, with Long Beach’s Huey Briss, the New Orlean’s native has hit us with yet another smooth-groove slapper just two months later. For any r&b heads out there, this is not a song that you’ll want to miss, so without further ado I’m excited to be highlighting Lamercier’s new single today for his much-deserved Lyrical Lemonade debut! 

Released this past Wednesday, Josef linked with fellow-r&b maestro, PHABO, and acclaimed producer, Niko Oroc, to create their chilled r&b masterpiece, “Fetish”.  Perfect for any long car rides with the windows down or alone time with your significant other, “Fetish” takes us on a journey traversing the complexities of desire and allure of the forbidden. Setting the mood with charming guitars, a laid-back drum pattern, and a calming atmosphere, Lamercier swiftly makes his entrance into the song with his seemingly effortless vocal delivery and enchanting bars that might just swoop your girl off her feet and force her to ditch you if you’re not careful. The second collaboration between Lamercier and PHABO (following their link on “Shooter’s Remorse” by Gage),  the two’s dynamic seems to be on lock as they gracefully delivered a mesmerizing performance that perfectly captures the sensual ambience that the song and story emit. 

With that in mind, be sure to check “Fetish” out using the links below!