Fetch! – [BEAR1BOSS]

BEAR1BOSS might be from Atlanta, one of the biggest Rap music hubs in the entire country, but he’s not trying to play by the rules that many ATL artists seem to have set in place. In fact, it seems as if he wants to interrupt the music scene down there, breaking through barriers to prove that just because you might not fit the typical mold that people would expect of you based on your geographical location doesn’t mean you can’t still make unbelievably catchy and inventive music, as he does.

Just a couple of months ago, BEAR dropped off his project America’s Sweetheart, an almost 70-minute-long, 22 song effort that was full of uncharacteristically incredible hits. Although most underground artists tend to release small mixtapes or EPs of 3 to 5 songs that barely last ten minutes, I give credit to BEAR for breaking the mold once again and gifting his extremely loyal fans with a plethora of absolutely groundbreaking new tracks. While I have to go back and revisit it again since it has been way too long since my last listen, there are definitely a few songs I’ve kept in my regular rotation since they released, one of which is undeniably “Fetch!”, which was produced by his frequent collaborators Ziti and Popstar Benny.

Luckily, the rising star gave me an excuse to go back and revisit the project once again by reviving this record in the form of a super interesting new visual. Although it might be slightly low budget and seem basic from the outside looking in, if you truly think about it compared to other videos in music, I like the homemade, lo-fi aesthetic because BEAR’s personality and charisma is really the only thing you need to be captivated from the moment you press play. In this miniature movie, it’s basically a one-take recording of BEAR dancing around with a sparkly filter on the screen. Beyond this, however, as he takes us throughout the song, random animations, clip art visuals, and short video clips pop up on the screen to further highlight some of his lyrics in the track, tying everything together in a very creative, intriguing manner.

BEAR1BOSS is a name that I had only just heard of in the latter half of last year, but he has been an artist I’ve religiously listened to ever since. His energy is infectious, his personality is enthralling, and his music is just all around catchy. Additionally, I think the fact that he sounds nothing like any of his Atlanta counterparts goes such a long way considering there is a classic style that many of those artists embody. This helps BEAR stand out and attract new audiences from all over the country, and it’s clear that his cult following has been growing exponentially in recent history. Considering he’s an absolute workhorse, I’m sure we can expect numerous more offerings in the near future, but while we wait and see what moves he’s going to make, be sure to check out BEAR1BOSS’s latest visual for his song “Fetch!” below.