Feo Mafia: Road To 1636 EP. 1


As Chicago’s Logan continues to build and build his name, he has also been making that forever shining spotlight on him a bit brighter – in a positive way.  As the Feo Mafia, 1636 representative builds his name, he builds his fan base as well – so Logan decided to give the supporters a bit of an inside taste of what goes on behind the scenes and the black filters.  This vlog, being the first of what I hope to say is many, displays Logan and what him and the mob do on a day-to-day basis, it isn’t what the typical teenagers do, but you have to keep in mind they aren’t typical teenagers – they’re young stars in the making.  Spend a virtual day with Logan and the mob below while enjoying some Iggy Azalea backstage action, chilling with Taylor Bennett for a short while, Facetiming friends that seem to be on another level, etc.

Shot + Edited by J. Krown