Femdot Q+A

Chicago native Femdot has had an excellent start to the year. At the end of the year he made our list of artists to watch for 2016, and he has been no disappointment. After the release of his critically acclaimed Fo(u)r EP, Redbull and Fake Shore Drive announced that Femdot had been added to the underground star studded Redbull Sound Select artist roster. Femdot also has a few shows coming up and is always working on new music. I got a chance to catch up with Femdot this past weekend to chop it up. We had talked a few times in the past year, so it was more of a catching up than an interview, and Femi seemed to enjoy the process. Check out the Q+A below and be sure to check out Femdot’s latest project.


LL: What’s your name and where are you from?

FD: My name is Femi Adigun but literally everyone calls me Femi or some variation of Femdot. I’m from the south suburbs and the north side area.


LL: How’d you get that nickname?

FD: Its a family nickname actually so it’s probably best to ask them.


LL: How do you feel about Chicago and it’s music scene currently?

FD: I think the scene is a great place and a lot of  great artists are coming up fairly quickly. It’s pretty exciting because people are coming from out of nowhere.


LL: Where do you think you fit in the scheme of it all?

FD: Personally… I’m not.. “the next big thing,” but I’m one to shine a light on. My path isn’t normal but it is very inspiring and I think people will relate.


LL: Where do you like to eat or kick it around Chicago?

FD: I’m a Jerk Taco Man kinda guy. I missed out on this because I never really went out west, haha. But yeah, 87th Harold’s… uhh, I’m probably somewhere up north mostly. Between Uptown and Rogers Park.


LL: Any dream features or collaborators?

FD: Hmm.. That’s a good one. Kendrick Lamar for sure, strictly to go at him. Missy Elliot & Jasmine Sullivan would be dope. And of course Nas.


LL:  Talk a bit about your last project. Did you expect Fo(u)r to be as well received as it has been?

FD: Four? I expected it to do something. It’s different than other stuff I’ve done and you always want great reception. 97? We were in my mans basement and we were flipping a Busta Rhymes sample. It was magical from the start. It kinda flowed but I rewrote the 2nd verse a few times to get it perfect. Then I called Sherren two weeks later and we both felt that her voice would be amazing for it. It was one of the easiest tracks to make.


LL: What can we expect from you in the near future?

FD: Hmm.. A couple shows coming up. Redbull sound select stuff sometimes in state, sometimes out of state. Couple visuals, shows, and new sounds for sure.


LL: Why should our readers give you a listen?

FD: I stress in my music that I’m human. If nothing else you’ll gravitate towards the emotions.


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