Fell In Luvv – [Kid Axe]

Monrovia, Liberia-born, Philadelphia-based artist Kid Axe has released his new single, “Fell in Luvv.” The track blends rock and trap, with an infectious hook and clever lyrics. “I had originally made the song on a different beat but had it remade,” Kid Axe says. “I heard the beat and instantly knew the direction I wanted to go. It all happened in like 30 minutes. At the time I made this song, it felt like I was on top of the world. I had a girl that to me was a rockstar in all forms. It was like we matched each other perfectly, but people came and go. I didn’t want the song to sound like a love song though. I wanted it to have elements of rock and trap.” “Fell In Luvv” is part of a larger project that Kid Axe is working on. He hopes to get listeners to appreciate this record for what it is. Axe stated he can see himself performing the music a lot because he performed it once and by the second hook, everyone in the crowd was singing along already.

Stream Kid Axe’s rager “Fell In Luvv” after the break below.