feel the feeling – [she loves boon]

Hyperpop became one of my go-to genres because I basically just got bored with so much of the other music that came out for quite a while. This innovative new genre was something that opened my eyes up to an entirely new world of emcees who just made the music that they wanted to make, and even though it can be quite obscure at times, that seems to be the beauty of the subgenre that I love so deeply. Every day, new emcees are coming up with even more innovative styles that I never would have expected, but it didn’t take me very long at all to become a fan of she loves boon.

He is not only dropping hit after hit, but the way he pitches up his vocals first had me thinking that he was a pop star before I even listened to the rest of his music. Now, I can’t claim to be an expert on the up-and-comer, but I can confirm that I am a huge fan of his work thus far, and his latest single “feel the feeling” is the latest banger in a long line of captivating releases, so I wasn’t about to miss out. Over loe4t and Mike Mroz’s vibrant and energetic production, boon’s vocals are just throbbing with personality as he sings lines that are clearly edited, not as a way to fix a shaky voice, though, but rather as an innovative new approach to recording vocals.

The Adam Ginsberg-directed video provides the best addition to this track in the world thanks to a trippy world that is brought to life as boon and his girl head out on an adventure around their city. With the announcement that his album Emotional Trap is going to drop on September 1st, there is obviously much more excitement to be had, so make sure that you get in tune with the rising talent prior to this spectacle releasing at the end of the summer.