Feel Good – [El Cousteau]

The DMV is home to some of the most raucous, wild rap right now and I’ve been doing my best to make sure the world gets hip featuring artists like Alireza, Kelow LaTesha, and (by way of Kelow) Black Fortune. Now its time to introduce yet another balls-to-the-wall emcee in El Cousteau via his new video for “Feel Good.”

With his own style, he calls “Jammer Music,” El Cousteau brings that brash, uncouth feel with the bars, the beat, and the visuals combining to create an effort that is cohesive in its raw, unrefined direction. Atop StatiQ’s metal-leaning production Cousteau brashly expresses his love of doing what “Feels Good” over what doctors, parents, or anyone with a lick of sense might recommend. Bringing it all together the visuals are frenetic, blurry yet still visually engaging.  What impresses me most is how well Cousteau maintains the aggressive, frenetic energy; he never lets up and it makes it all the more convincing.

If you dug this one definitely give his album, Straight Drop Season, a spin.