Feel Alive – [Brennan Savage] ft. [Lil Tracy]

Over the years, I have found myself deeply immersed in so many different facets of music that it can be hard to keep track of them all. From rock, rap, hyperpop, neosoul, punk, and pretty much anything else aside from country, there has most likely been a point in my life where there was one specific genre that I was listening to more than anything else, and that point is one of the many times that has defined my diverse musical preferences.

When I heard Lil Peep for the first time, my mind was blown and my jaw dropped because he was utilizing familiar sounds in a way that I had never before experienced this type of music, and it was from the moment I tapped in with him that I was forever changed, for the better of course. Although it is beyond unfortunate that Peep isn’t still on this Earth changing the world with his gifts, I have been heavily paying attention to friends and fellow artists that he worked with during his time, so when I came across Brennan Savage and realized that he was an emcee that I had somehow not recognized prior to now, I was fascinated with getting familiar with the music he has been creating.

The song that caught my eye was “Feel Alive”, a track featuring Lil Tracy that I came across on a random Spotify playlist a few days ago, and I was instantly drawn in. It turns out that this record was included on Brennan’s brand-new album Till Death Do Us Part, a 12-song, half-hour-long effort that is a seriously incredible listen. Tracy is one of only two features on the project, and thanks to the remarkable production from Prettyheartbreak and Brennan himself, the foundation that was laid on this song is undeniably addicting.

Although ominous and melancholic, Brennan’s vocals are just so assertive, confident, and passionate, but there is this indescribable numbness that seems to act as an undertone as he sings his introspective portions. Tracy brings a different vibe to the offering, further emphasizing these melancholic sentiments while also adding in some diverse flows and notes that really tie everything together wonderfully. Although I’m late on the Brennan Savage bandwagon, I’m just grateful to be catching up at this point, so make sure you give this track some special attention as you listen through the California by way of New York emcee’s latest project.