Fear – [SUL]

As of late, I’ve been working to expand my horizons in regards to where I look for new music. All over the globe, most notably in London and Paris, I’ve found some of my favorite new artists out right now, and today, here to add to the map is a Seoul-based artist by the name of SUL with his new song, “Fear.”

What initially caught my ear with this one were SUL’s controlled, melodic deliveries. From soaring hooks to intricate, quickly-paced jabs, the budding talent knows exactly how and when to expend the most energy, and in doing so, he finds a way to maximize the effect of the instrumental — a talent that quite honestly, I haven’t heard many other artists perfect in such an effortless manner.

With that said, I admittedly don’t know what the lyrical content of the song actually means, but I know that the sonic direction and malleability here are naturally alluring regardless of the language barriers between artist and listener. Quite apparently, SUL is incredibly talented, and his ability to stretch across the production and reach every single pocket with maximum energy and effect is second to none.

Whether you speak Korean or not, this offering is a must-listen from a purely artistic point of view, so be sure to stream “Fear” below!