F*ck My Cousin Pt. 2 – [Lil Zay Osama] ft. [Lil Durk]

Chicago has produced so many world-renown hitmakers that it is truly difficult to keep track of everyone. Even the local scene here has thrived over the last couple of decades, and while not every artist is going to make it huge, there is still a plethora of emcees who put on for this city and make hometown fans proud to call this place home.

One of my favorite commonalities in the music business isn’t necessarily when a hit song is released (although this is always great, obviously), but I almost prefer when a massive name teams up with a more underground spitter with a cult following because it shows that they’re still tapped in with the hottest talents in the streets no matter how famous or recognized they might become.

Lil Durk is infamous for teaming up with artists who are still on the rise, and while Lil Zay Osama is already a certified icon in the Windy City, it still was incredible to see this dynamic duo team up for the second part of Zay’s hit Fatmanbeatz and Vito-produced track “F*ck My Cousin”. The first rendition of this song shows Zay at his best, so even without any features, it was already fantastic. In order to top the original, he needed to recruit someone huge to join him, and Durkio was undeniably the perfect man for the job.

While Zay’s portions are relatively the same as the first edition of the song, Durk comes in to murder his newly included verse, spitting assertively violent bars full of hostility and passion, two things that he never leaves behind no matter what he’s recording. There’s no telling what this tag team can create when they’re together which makes me eager to hear more from them in the future, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy this brand-new hit as well as the Jerry Production-shot music video.