F*ck My Cousin – [Lil Zay Osama]

Whether you’re a local or an outsider looking in, you should already know that it can get really cold in the streets of Chicago really quickly. While there is obviously an abundance of beautiful and magnificent things that I prefer to highlight about this amazing city, there is no ignoring the tension amongst certain individuals that were raised in the trenches, and this comes through much more loudly than ever when you listen to drill music.

Lil Zay Osama is someone who is keeping this subgenre alive and well thanks to his ruthless flows and unapologetic demeanor, and even though I haven’t personally experienced any of the things he often discusses in his music, the way he shares these moments makes me feel as if I’m there in the heat of the moment as well.

After going on tour with G Herbo and releasing Trench Baby 2 to cap off 2021, Zay is back to make sure that even his family knows that they’ll be on his list if they cross him on his latest single “Fuck My Cousin”, and if you ever even contemplated doing something to be put on his bad side, this song should be more than enough to stop you in your tracks. There is even an awesome LA Production-directed music video that helps to further emphasize this point once again.

Produced by Fatmanbeatz and Vito, Zay is given a familiar yet still hair-raising beat to go wild on, and that’s exactly what he does thanks to his reckless cadences and assaulting lyrics, but he also doesn’t let us forget just of talented and intricate he can get when he’s behind a mic either. Considering Zay does absolutely crazy numbers no matter what he releases, he is only going to continue growing his fanbase while also staying true to his roots, which makes Lil Zay Osama an artist that you seriously need to get in tune with as soon as you can.