F*CK 12 Freestyle – [Tales of the Town] ft. [Guapdad 4000] & [LaRussell]

Collaborations have been going on for pretty much as long as music has existed, and it’s something that can bring artists together to share their style alongside a story. Collaborative albums have also existed for a while, but one thing I don’t think I’ve ever experienced is a podcast putting together a shared album, but that has now changed thanks to Tales of the Town. This broadcast, although new to the podcasting community, details the history of California’s Oakland neighborhood as it has progressed over nearly 100 years through the people whose families have resided there for generations.

While I still need to listen to the first episode of the show considering the premise is overly intriguing to me, the co-hosts of the program Abbas Muntaqim and Delency Parham teamed up with award-winning documentarian and audio engineer Maya Cueva to give Oaklanders a platform to share their history as they have experienced it. Not only that, but they also connected with local artists to create an album named after the podcast, Tales of the Town, comprised of 11 songs that were brought to life thanks to artists like G-Eazy, Guapdad 4000, LaRussell, ALLBLACK, 22nd Jim, J Stalin, and many more.

As momentous as this album is sure to be when it drops on October 14th, the first single dropped just last week featuring Guap and LaRussell entitled “F*CK 12 Freestyle”. Needless to say, there is no hiding the basis of this record, and the talents of these two individuals are not only smooth and impressive as always, but they shed light on many forces that conspire to oppress African Americans, a topic that can never have too much attention until wrongs are made right and the world wakes up to this epidemic.

Specifically, news stations, political figures, and police are placed under a microscope and rightfully ridiculed while other topics including increasing gentrification and the misutilization of funds for the wrong purposes are brought to the forefront of the message in this song. The overarching focus of the Tales of the Town podcast is to give an inside look at what makes Oakland so unique, and although these narratives can be controversial to some, they are completely relevant to the history of the California city, and the way these two emcees draw attention to the subject matter is truly enthralling.

We still have a few more weeks before the album is released in its entirety, but know that every artist and producer featured on the effort donated their time and talents without asking for a penny is inspiring, and all proceeds go to supporting People’s Programs, an Oakland-based organization “dedicated to the liberation and unification of all Afrikan people through scientific socialism”. With such an important purpose and an even more enthralling cast of artists and producers on board with the project, make sure you tap in with this single and be on the lookout for the album to drop on October 14th!