Fastest Route – [9FL Youngn]

Something is in the water in Birmingham, and I would assume that it is the same thing as whatever is in the water in nearby-Atlanta, that causes the city to churn out exciting and interesting new rappers on an almost weekly basis. 9FL Youngn is the latest in this increasingly long line of artists and the young rapper’s vocals set him apart from many of his competitors after hearing but the first few notes and his new track “Fastest Route” is a more confrontational song from a lyrical standpoint and is discernibly less melodic than his track “Sad Wars” that was my introduction to Youngn last month. Niles Bryant has added another notch in his belt for this video and he is becoming the go-to channel for underground music across the entirety of Alabama and more and more the deep-south as a whole. Keep an eye on 9FL Youngn as he only continues to grow as an artist and release more music.