Far Away – [Logan]

The talk of the city, Logan, is here with a very time-appropriate track titled Far Away.  Log recently found himself in an unfortunate situation, needless to say, this kid has quite a bit on his plate at the moment.  But is this a new sight to see?  Definitely not.  This young star has gone through far more than he deserves, but hey, these hard times have consistently lead us to incredible music.  Logan’s time will come sooner than later, and that goes for the whole mob.  Whether it’s J. Krown killing the visuals, Flight bodying the production, Tejeda with the photography, Phendi with the additional bars; these guys are getting the job done, they have quite the entourage.  Familiarize yourself with the new Chicago and experience the new wave – this might just be my favorite Logan track to date, I’m loving the vocals on the hook.

Directed by J. Krown | Produced by Flight