fantasize – [ericdoa]

Whether you want to call it hyperpop, digicore, pop, or anything else, it’s taking over the world and you need to be ready. It’s clear that most of the pioneers of this new movement aren’t making music abiding by the conventional lines that the aforementioned genres would suggest, so I don’t really know what to call it, but I’m fully consumed with all of these young and insanely talented artists. At the very top of my list is ericdoa, an unbelievably talented artist who you’ve most likely heard of, at this point, and if you haven’t taken the time to listen up to the remarkable music he’s been creating, you’re missing out on one of the biggest gems in the entire industry.

Whether you’ve been sleeping or heavily tapped in, you absolutely need to put his latest song “fantasize” on your radar immediately because it’s literally one of the most entertaining records you’ll hear all day, and it might take the spot for my personal song of the summer just because the vibes are there in all the right places. Opening with the wonderful production from hitmakers Zetra, Glasear, and Fortune Swan, there are some very robotic-sounding synths that almost beep along to the rhythm of the song as an insane bassline and crisp percussion take over the scene. This creates a relatively simple yet indescribably bouncy foundation for eric, who in turn proceeds to absolutely kill the beat the only way he knows how.

While he begins with a sort of melodic rap delivery, he switches things up constantly throughout, showing off the multifaceted sounds that he has been known to bring to life, showing you exactly why he’s one of the most promising talents in modern music. When it comes to the hook, though, he raises the pitch of his voice incredibly, almost whispering his notes into the mic while showing off a different side of himself that isn’t often on display within some of his previous records.

This, along with many other qualities within this particular record, truly took my breath away and showed me that with more fame and fortune, it seems as if eric is turning the page on a new chapter and getting even closer to his final form. If I’m being honest, this is going to be dangerous for any other artists trying to make a run for the throne because he’s already just too good, and with even more experience under his belt, he’s only going to get better.

Alongside this immaculate track comes an unbelievable Over Cannon-directed music video that is the perfect sidekick to this record, but I’ll let you see that for yourself while listening. While you’re watching, though, keep an eye out for eric’s fellow musician GRANDMA who makes an appearance decked out in garments that make him look as if he’s living it up in the ’70s, and you’re not going to want to miss him. While I could legitimately go on for days about how much I enjoy and believe in ericdoa and his music, and I have gone on for days if you ask some of my friends, I’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible by recommending you stop anything and everything you’re currently doing and check out his unbelievable new song “fantasize” as well as the fantastic music video that accompanies it.