Family Function – [Father] [Zack Fox]

Between “Square Up” and Awful Swim, Awful Records’ own, Zack Fox and Father, have been all over the headlines in recent months. Today, gifting us with a banger just in time for the holidays, the two join forces for a brand new single entitled “Family Function”. Amidst a hard-nosed, trunk-rattling instrumental, this song is unapologetically eclectic in nature and highly addictive in sound. Fox and Father rattle off clever rhymes, one after another, and the chemistry they hold when on the mic is second to none. Also notable, while this may just be the start of Zack Fox’s transition into rap, it’s clear that he hasn’t lost his comedic roots, making for a hilarious addition to a fantastic song. “Family Function” is a must-listen, so be sure to check it out at the link provided below.