False Prophets – [Hollow Sinatra]

In times as dire as right now, especially in the United States, art is as important as ever. Artistic, and especially musical expression, convey the thoughts, emotions, fears, and hopes of the times, creating value for audiences today just as much as audiences tomorrow, or in 50 years when someone wonders what 2020 was like, and how the general public felt. Atlanta artist Hollow Sinatra is employing all of this and more with his latest release, “False Prophets.”

Ever since Jack Gregory brought Hollow Sinatra to our pages with “Yard,” I’ve made sure to keep tabs on the ATL native, and thankfully so. With “False Prophets,” Sinatra reminds listeners of the balance between substance and presentation that he’s mastered in his music, presenting striking emotions and thoughts through the scope of a captivating video, both aesthetically and in regards to subject matter. In such a way, “False Prophets” continues on the thesis of Sinatra’s catalog thus far, echoing a strong artistic voice with a masterful eye, ear, and overall sense for art.

Check out “False Prophets” below, and for best experience, I’d recommend running this one back a few times to really get a feel for what it captures. Hollow Sinatra has something to say, and releases like his latest are deeply exciting proof.