False Alarm – [Logan]


Where did this kid come from?

He’s white?

Who’s Feo?

Everyone seems to have a ton of questions, everyone seems to be confused – don’t be.  The 19 year old Chicago native, Logan, is here with a plan, he’s here with a goal, he’s here with a dream; no one really understands Logan’s strive, his grind, no one really gets where he came from, along with the struggles he has overcame.  People are so confused that the kid is white, that he is rising so quickly, why there is so much hype to his name – but I’m not sure why everyone is hating on the kid, “If you were smart, you’d just play your part.

Feo Mob‘s Logan is here today with the ridiculously anticipated “False Alarm” video directed by the talented JKrown, this should definitely be a big help in Logan’s early music career and shall only add to his already large fan base. Just a year ago Logan hadn’t even released his first music video, now he’s having premiers at Jugrnaut and making FakeShoreDrive very frequently – it’s crazy how that works, right? Well, that’s what heart, drive, and focus will do for you.  I am incredibly excited to see where Logan will be in the coming years, it is amazing watching such a driven artist live his dream, and as he may not be living it yet – he will be soon.  I mean, the kid hasn’t even released a tape yet, just imagine the buzz he will have after he drops his debut mixtape, “1636” which is set to be released later this year.

Check out False Alarm above.

Directed by J. Krown

Produced by Flight + Tapez