FALLOUT — [Lil Yachty, Joey Bada$$, Gus Dapperton]

We’re just weeks away from ALL IS YELLOW, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally share it with you.

Months of preparation have led up to this moment, as Cole Bennett and company have been working diligently to give you — our amazing fans — a music video for every song on our forthcoming debut compilation. In case you forgot: ALL IS YELLOW is slated for release on Jan. 26, with singles in “Doomsday,” “Guitar In My Room,” “Hello There” and “Stop Giving Me Advice” all making way towards our fifth — and final — offering “FALLOUT” (Jan. 12).

Featuring LL veteran Lil Yachty, Joey Bada$$ and iconic indie star Gus Dapperton, the contemplative, emotive track is another part of Bennett’s promise of “bringing worlds together you wouldn’t expect” on AIY. Joey, Yachty and Gus curate an energy only found through Bennett’s A&R expertise, as the gorgeous track features bubbling synths, bustling yet soothing live drums and moreover bolsters Boat’s foray into alternative sounds.

Behind The Scenes of Gus Dapperton, Lil Yachty & Joey Badass’s “Fallout” Music Video

Bada$$ is a master lyricist and ends the track with a fiery verse, as Dapperton’s hook is pure beauty — inescapably seeping into your mind without a trace of disdain. Gus’ performance truly steals the show and never gives it back. The visual mirrors the track’s emotions of regret, reflection and longing for what could have been — smiling through the pain and dancing in the rain.

Despite its name, there’s no “FALLOUT” amid AIY‘s looming release. The best has yet to come.

Check out “FALLOUT” below!