fallin 4 u (i rly like u) – [Dazegxd]

Toeing the line between predictable and unpredictable, the sudden and still-developing resurgence of house music has been an absolute spectacle to admire. Though the rising popularity of this genre can be partly explained by the far more established trends of Y2K-based stylistics and the like, artists who are coming through with the best house music today are doing so with a completely nuanced approach about them — mostly due to their youth, appreciation of eras before them, and certainly their unmistakable talents by themselves. 

Among these rising figures is Dazegxd — a producer known for mastering numerous styles across the grander online music landscape, but is becoming more and more recognized as a forefronting act within this aforementioned resurgence as a whole. No one has proven to foster quite the same amount of progressiveness when it comes to this genre as this Eldia Records figurehead has; that fact can stand completely on its own. But where an artist like this elevates themself beyond their contemporaries is how they can equally exude that progressive nature while still keeping their influences and respect for those that came before them so close in their approach as a whole. 

No one accomplishes this as vividly as Dazegxd does, and for the ideal representation of this fact in full, look no further than their most recent single to date in “fallin 4 u (i rly like u).” Something of a follow-up to a recent house cut in their discography, this track ultimately one-ups not only that track by itself, but practically every single offering that had laid the groundwork for this magnificent moment. 

Building off one of the most infectious leading synth riffs of the year, Dazegxd makes sure all four minutes of this magical experience are spent adding at least something new to its endless pallet of sounds as it proceeds. Though that riff stays constant throughout, each spacious synth and pad alike that joins the fray just augments the entire awe that the track exudes in full. Not to mention the defining vocal riff that enters the mix as well, essentially serving as just another gripping passage that will stick in any listener’s head for quite a long time. 

These aspects alone could have solidified this track as an absolute masterwork already, but it ends up taking things to the utmost next level once a drastic key change occurs towards its tail end. This moment reinvigorates the entire experience and adds a sense of intensity and reason to this lovestruck cut — just oozing with emotion and dramatism alike in the moment. It is moments like these that take Dazegxd from being just another nostalgic house producer into someone who is looking to bring this genre into this new era with an entirely progressive methodology about them. 

As far as achieving that goal is concerned, it is safe to say that they are doing so with all the success in the world to this point. When they set the bar this high time and time again, it becomes more and more difficult to find something this outstanding in the house world. But as this genre continues to heighten itself beyond its nostalgic status in the coming year – thanks to artists like them, of course – the purpose behind why this genre matters so much will bring with it a host of talents trying their hand at this approach as well.