Fall Hard – [Key!]

Noted by many as the most important release of the year, Key!’s So Emotional EP grasped the balance between player and romantic, as told by one of rap’s most captivating storytellers. As a result, the project is full of countless quotables — some hilarious and others that hit concerningly close to home — and in full, So Emotional is the perfect representation of where Key! stands as a boundary-pushing force in the current climate of rap. Today, bringing new life to one of my favorite songs on the project, “Fall Hard,” the ATL representative is back with a new set of accompanying visuals.

Showing scenes of Key! (sporting an iconic bucket hat) and his love interest walking around New York, this release perfectly captures the easy-going appeal of “Fall Hard.” Not only does it illustrate the romantic side of things where the song most notably exists, but the video also makes sure to touch on the charismatic and sometimes hilarious appeal of this one, placing an emphasis on random lyrical gems such as the highly-quotable opener, “Free the innocent / He ain’t no killer, he ain’t no thug, he just a businessman.”

That said, there’s a lot to unpack here, but considering just how unique and easily lovable “Fall Hard” and the rest of So Emotional truly are, I think @domallcaps outdid himself with the new music video. Key!’s vision is certainly one-of-a-kind, and per usual, he picked just the right people for the job.

Watch “Fall Hard” below!

Produced by Oogie Mane
Video by @domallcaps