fall at the same time – [aldn]

Ever since aldn came onto the music scene a few years ago, he has been making a splash that continues to grow with every new piece of music he puts out. I was first introduced to him through his collaborations with hyperpop artists that he was also super close with, and while I would once categorize him with a similar label, I now understand that he really isn’t anything like one would describe the niche subgenre. I mean, most of the musicians that were once believed to be hyperpop-adjacent are now doing their own thing without bringing the unique style of music along with them, and even though this might not be their classification anymore, they never forgot their distinct sound at any point along the way.

The Virginia native is even more unique in the sense that he typically produces his own music or at least plays a part in the production of his tracks, so he is able to bring whatever sounds he wants to the forefront and go in any direction he pleases, something that has benefited him at every turn in his young yet enthralling rise to fame. Although he is typically busy putting together unforgettable EPs that I still play to this day, he never lets fans get too impatient, so even though I’m slightly late to his record “fall at the same time” which was co-produced by Gabe Greenland, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

The instrumental is soothing and easygoing, but just like he is known to do, it intensifies during certain moments thanks to the incorporation of faster-paced drums that bring the energy, allowing him to follow suit. He just knows the perfect delivery for every aspect of this effort, slowing things down and reaching deep within himself to share some zealous vocals before unleashing his enthusiasm at the ideal time to correlate with the production.

Even if you head directly to the link below to check this track out, there is a good chance that there is already more music out with the influx of releases he drops. Still, you’ll never hear me complain about aldn’s work ethic. I am certainly going to try and get tickets for his upcoming Chicago show while on his first headlining tour, so I suggest you do the same either before or after you peep this remarkable offering from one of Virginia’s finest!