Faint – [Himera] x [Instupendo]

The wholly imaginative world of sounds and spectacles alike that a figure like Himera is able to create invites an even bigger world of possibilities when it comes to elevating their work from external sources. The pure magic they are able to create in the realms of contemporary trance and ambient music is something that just begs for others to try their hand at contributing towards in one way or another. 

Though past collaborations have certainly been outstanding in their own right, no single act has seemed to align with Himera’s outlook quite as ideally as rising pop phenom Instupendo. The luscious set of sounds that this forefronting artist has brought together – via their majestic vocals and unfounded sonic settings alike – go one-to-one with our former act’s own perspective on modern music, creating a bond that was just waiting for its moment to burst out of thin air once the right time came about.

And that time has finally come via a new release provided by Unseelie in “Faint” — the second half of a two-sided single, and the only of which featuring vocals provided by the aforementioned guest act here. Whereas the first track “Good Night, I Hope The Future Brings You Only The Best!” is a sonic showcase of all things that make Himera’s production so cinematic and rich in all of its aspects, the latter half of this release – in adding this vocal element – tells a similar story in an entirely different manner.

It’s a tale that comes to life based on a combination of masterful songwriting, an exceptional vocal performance, and all the instrumental dramatics in the world. Instupendo carries the mantle here with a story of secured love and admiration — painting a relationship out to be nothing short of the utmost important thing on the Earth to him with his poetic embellishments and descriptions. These are all backed up by his atypical soft, yet resounding vocal tones adding to the grand intimacy that both the lyrics and the musical setting itself offer in their own right.

That setting results from Himera’s genuinely breathtaking instrumental performance here — one that is fit with just as many of their signature synth cues as it is with some gorgeous orchestration that truly compounds the song’s mood as it progresses forward and forward. Though the track becomes denser by each minute’s end, the sheer serene atmosphere that this track gives off never dwindles in the slightest. 

These two were certainly a match made in heaven even before they came to finally make a track together, but the resulting product is essentially better than any one person could have imagined even despite these expectations. While on one hand this proves the unprecedented power Himera has in bringing the absolute best out of whoever they work with on a given track, it also goes to show how eclectic and in-demand such a magnificent performer like Instupendo is by themselves as well. It is the ideal offering for both of their contrasting talents to be showcased at their highest levels, and not a single moment inside it says otherwise.