Fahey Building – [8matiklogan]

Chicago is a place that has so much history and everyone from here may come from different walks of life, have a different story, and have varying perspectives, but we all call the same city home so the mutual respect is always there no matter what. Growing up in the suburbs, I am well aware that my upbringing was much simpler than a lot of the musicians that I listen to who ran around in the streets while they were younger, but it’s these different experiences that really draw me into the music because it gives me a much wider outlook on the Windy City, and it always shows me that Chi-Town is much more than the bean, the Sears Tower (I’ll never call it the Willis Tower, come on), and the beautiful lakefront.

One person who has been in the scene for longer than I have even listened to hip-hop is 8matiklogan, an emcee who has gone through a few name changes and has even switched up his sounds a handful of times, but it’s his most recent releases that have had me glued to my computer, waiting for the next drop. “Fahey Building” is the title of his latest single which comes with an awesome MilkyMadeIt-shot music video as well. This song is yet another self-produced track that is set to be included on his upcoming project 1636: The Second Chapter that’s set to release this Tuesday, June 28th, and it’s sure to be yet another revealing spectacle from the local icon.

Over a simplistic yet heartstring-pulling instrumental driven by piano keys, Logan puts it all out there as he talks about dealing with addiction, coping with major losses that impacted his life for good, and ways of overcoming these lows in order to appreciate the wins that much more. While I wasn’t sure what the Fahey Building was heading into this one, I did a Google search and it seems to be a center run by Loyola for psychological and psychiatric services, and although I am not 100% sure that this is the same place Logan is referring to, I can only assume based on his revealing narrative where he discusses not knowing who he was when he first stepped foot into the building.

I am truly glad that Logan has taken life into his own hands and made the changes that were necessary to get back to his normal, talented self because we have heard the story way too often of an artist with so much potential being taken from this Earth way too soon. I also completely admire his bravery and honesty when discussing these pivotal yet difficult steps because it’s not something most people want to talk about, so I respect his courageousness and I’m looking forward to hearing more about his story when his project drops in just a few days.