Faded – [Alex Mali] ft. [Thutmose]

I don’t normally put limits on where or when you should listen to a song, but if you put Alex Mali’s  “Faded” on after midnight (or after a few drinks), we are not responsible for what may happen next. By all means, go ahead, but there’s no way your drunk Hail Mary sent from the back of the club after a few too many shots is going to be nearly as smooth and inviting as this one from Mali.

Setting the stage on the hazy effort, Producer TGUT captures the essence of the track perfectly with a chime-laden backdrop that is understated yet intoxicatingly catchy. Armed with the perfect beat for the occasion, Mali shoots her shot with an approach that is both light, feathery and still sultry and alluring; a difficult balance, but the Brooklyn-based crooner nails it. Returning the favor from their 2018 collaboration, “Karma,”(where Mali handled guest duty) Thut joins Mali in the club, his raspy vocals adding a nice contrast to the standout cut.

Check out “Faded” below and let us know what you think in the comments!