Fadeaway – [MBNel]

Regardless of your upbringing, the people you surround yourself with, or your outlook on existence, life is hard. Losing someone is never easy no matter what the situation is either, and the rap industry knows this more than most other genres. While many rappers often speak about losing their loved ones and close friends to violence or addiction, these aren’t the only two disheartening situations that one can face, and suicide is a loss that really just shakes you right to your core. Even the subject itself isn’t easy for me to talk about because I have dealt with my fair share of depression and hopelessness throughout the years, but I am one of the lucky individuals to have a support system around me to prevent anything ensuing due to these dark states of mind.

Music has always been and will always be one of my biggest ways of escaping the moment and traveling to another world, and I am forever indebted to some of the musicians who have shared messages that have helped me persevere, no matter how despondent things might’ve felt at the time. Although it is not necessarily what I was expecting, I was blown away by MBNel’s latest JEM and Devesh Dayal-produced song “Fadeaway” as it shows a much different, softer, and sympathetic side of his art.

Unfortunately, the single came into being after Nel found out that a longtime fan he had the chance to meet 3 years ago lost her battle with depression, but the way he pieced this track together is beautiful and emotional, something that this dearly missed fan would more than likely have loved. Although Nel is no stranger to loss after a tough upbringing in the streets of Stockton, this is a different kind of loss that I feel many emcees don’t talk about for one reason or another.

Throughout this record, his bravery and articulation of such a sensitive subject are done impeccably as he sings angelic melodies that will help others understand that no matter how hopeless things might feel, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The California rapper also announced that half of this song’s proceeds will be donated to The Continuance Foundation, a facility that specializes in suicide prevention. Whether you have personally been affected by a tragedy like this or can understand the heartbreak that comes with such a devastating loss, listen to this unbelievable song or donate to the immensely important cause here.