Fade Away – [The Kid LAROI] ft. [Lil Tjay]

Although he still has a long way to go before truly becoming a star, The Kid LAROI has all the ingredients needed to become the next big thing in Hip-Hop. His voice is incredible, he can utilize multiple styles as necessary, and he just has an addicting sound that’s not something that can be learned, but he was rather just born with so much raw talent. Lil Tjay, on the other hand, has the music industry in the palm of his hand, working with some of the biggest names in Rap while holding his own on solo releases at the same time. Both of these artists have such a unique and individualistic sound within their music due to their incredible voices and rhythmic abilities, so it only makes sense that a song with both of them on it was a hit from its very inception.

“Fade Away” is more along the lines of a Tjay song in my opinion because of the emotional piano keys, simplistic percussion, and delayed drums that don’t begin until about a minute in when the first hook is sung. Tjay also carries the brunt of the workload in this song, using this platform as a way to convey his layered vocals to show off his always dynamic style. He sings in a very telling manner, boasting intricate cadences and showing off his vast array of talents as he makes his way through the first verse as well as delivering the chorus. While he sings in his always expressive and meaningful fashion, he discusses things like coming from the bottom but knowing he’s going to be at the top of the industry soon enough, working hard for his friends who have unfortunately passed away way too soon, and how his crew has his back through it all, so people shouldn’t play with him or he’ll give them the green light.

On the hook, Tjay talks about smoking weed until he fades away, remembering his life in the streets of New York before his fame and fortune, and how no matter how big or famous he might get, he won’t hesitate to get aggressive like he would have done when he was still running around in the streets. LAROI has the second verse, and his somewhat raw, raspy voice just heightens this song on all levels. I don’t know exactly what it is about his voice that is so appealing, but his ability to change pitches out of nowhere paired with the fact that you can hear the passion behind every lyric he sings is absolutely mesmerizing. Although he’s so young, he just knows how to squeeze every last drop out of his vocal effects which is something that a lot of artists still struggle with even after years of experience. LAROI talks about missing his old life and the new things that he hasn’t acclimated himself to yet, how people claim he has changed ever since he started making money, but then expands on this idea, stating that he stayed true to himself no matter what kind of stunts they tried to pull with him.

The Kid LAROI and Lil Tjay are two of the best young talents in all of music right now. While Tjay might have a bit more experience and even more top tier connections, this is all going to come to LAROI with time. It’s not a matter of if LAROI will blow up, it’s a matter of when, in all honesty. He’s already off to a stellar start with the moves he’s been making so early on in his career, and he’s only going to gain more and more traction with every single song he puts out. His sound is infectious and addicting and adding someone like Lil Tjay to this song will not only get him more exposure to a wider audience, but it also shows just how unique his own sound is. This is due to the fact that even next to Tjay, who has one of the most unique voices in all of Hip-Hop, LAROI’s voice stands out and doesn’t get overshadowed in the slightest by one of the more powerful artists coming up in music. I knew “Fade Away” would be a hit before even pressing play and I was right on all levels, so be sure to peep the lyric video for the new track below.