Face no Book / Lost it All – [Heembeezy]

With the number of rising talents that I have come across throughout more than three years of writing for Lyrical Lemonade, it can be hard to say that one consistent artist is more hardworking than another. I think the real difference maker is the fact that some people release constantly, never letting a week go by without a new piece of musical content of some sort, while others take their time in order to make sure that the songs they’re releasing are truly great, and they’re worthy of the listens that they receive.

One thing that many up-and-comers struggle with is a mixture of both of these qualities because they often either release a bunch of average records as often as possible or they release insanely good songs sparingly. One emcee that has figured out the perfect formula is Heembeezy because he seems to put out music regularly while also ensuring everything he drops is unique, eye-catching, and impressive. I may not be completely familiar with Heem, but the homie sent through two of the music videos that he put out within the past few months, and I was basically running to my computer to get these posted on the Lyrical Lemonade blog.

The first one is for his previously released song “Face No Book” and the other brings his track “Lost it All” to life in visual form, and while neither is quite as unique as his music itself, the West Coast’s very own director akaBeto brings the best out of Heem every chance he gets. Beto and Heem have been working together for quite some time now, so the videographer seems to know that Heem brings a very distinct aesthetic into the mix, and he doesn’t shy away from that whatsoever.

Instead, he leans into the fairly simplistic nature of the soon-to-be star, letting him and his homies do their thing without trying to get too fancy or over the top. At the same time, he does provide some super appealing animations, intriguing transitions, and an overall aesthetic that really helps these songs stand out even more than they already do on their own. Heembeezy has already racked up millions of plays and views throughout his young but budding career, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to check his music out, I highly suggest you start with these two visuals and take a deeper dive from there.