Face Card – [Offset Jim] & [Kenny Beats]

Kenny Beats is always on top of his game, working with various artists from all over the country who might not have nationwide recognition yet, so I’m often put onto so many different talents that I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise, so for that, I’m truly grateful. Most recently, he teamed up with Oakland, California’s very own Offset Jim for a low-key banger entitled “Face Card”, and after hearing Jim just nonchalantly and effortlessly glide over the mischievous instrumental provided by Kenny, I found myself rapping along by saying “all these goddamn hunnids” even when the song wasn’t playing, and when I caught myself doing this, I realized how much I truly loved this record.

Luckily, there is a StackingMemories-directed music video that comes along with it, and after tuning in, I had no choice but to share it with you all. As it begins, Jim hops into the passenger seat of a Brinks truck, allowing Kenny to be his chauffeur to wherever the next destination is. While Jim casually smokes his blunt as they cruise around the streets, various clips from old gangster movies flash before your eyes, leading you to believe that not all of their activities are kosher, but I’m definitely not going to be the one to rat on this duo. Finally, other shots show the two artists hanging out in a garage with the back of the truck open as they vibe out, dance around in their one-piece jumpsuits, and count all of their “goddamn hunnids”, complementing the lyrics in the song perfectly.

While Offset Jim has been making waves in the West Coast hip-hop scene, I’m thoroughly surprised he’s a new name in my repertoire of artists considering I like to try and pride myself on knowing a good amount about the constantly flourishing scene out West. Nonetheless, I know now that I’ve been missing out on, and I am going to give my best effort to never miss out on another Jim release because he’s just simply as talented as it gets on the West Coast. He has a similar disposition to that of Drakeo the Ruler, but at least with this track, he seems to be more fixated on his money influx than with any gangs, violence, or weapons, so I’m definitely going to be tuning in much more moving forward. With that being said, make sure you familiarize yourself with Offset Jim on his latest track with Kenny Beats entitled “Face Card” whenever you get the chance.