F* TASTE – [Yoshi T.]

Yoshi T.’s latest release, “F* TASTE” covers every base sonically in an impressive identity-confronting track.

Yoshi T. is a multi-hyphenate artist who was born in LA but moved to New York City when he was 8, where he spent his formative years building an extensive musical background practicing varied disciplines of music, namely being classically trained in the clarinet, which equipped him with a colorful sonic vocabulary that his contemporaries can’t match. Yoshi’s tracks wear an expansive sound pulling from interesting elements of jazz, funk, and hip hop, but at its core, it’s defined by his pen’s vulnerability that paints his unique perspective of coming-of-age as a Japanese-American artist layered atop his unmistakably warm and nostalgic production. 

Candidly, I only stumbled across Yoshi’s discography this past May with the release of his collaboration on Cisco Swank’s critically acclaimed album, More Better, with their standout track, No Funny. Upon first listen, I broke my neck at Yoshi and Cisco’s overt chemistry – a result of the two befriending each other at LaGuardia High School – as they went verse for verse atop the soulful cut off the album. While delving further into Yoshi’s work, it was apparent to me that this was going to be the start of an obsession. A lot could be said about Yoshi’s tasteful influences that he’s cited in previous interviews (Michael Jackson, Mac Miller, and Anderson .Paak, to name a few), but his art is anything but derivative. Whether Yoshi knows it or not, he has crafted a fully actualized sound that will take him far when his time comes. Polished with fresh textures, his tracks have this encapsulating power to wrap its listeners within its cinematic sound design. His use of space in his music is incredible, and he uses this clarity in the mix to communicate his raw emotion through his measured delivery and unique tone. Yoshi’s use of real instruments in his tracks cuts through the loud artificial noise that dominates everything that is popular right now, and listening to his work has been so refreshing. Although his discography is relatively young and abbreviated, the momentum he is wielding is palpable, and I’m on the edge of my seat for his next offering.  

On F* TASTE, Yoshi’s charismatic vocals are on full display, and his infectious confidence behind the mic bleeds through the track. Moreover, Yoshi’s head-turning performance is framed by a beautiful instrumental that has me discovering a new layer of genius on each listen. The beat is tastefully constructed by a tranquil guitar loop, delicately swung drums, and a killer bass line that, when put together, has soundtracked a great deal of my listening history for the past week and a half.

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