F it, I Made It – [Eva Shaw] ft. [G Milla] & [BTK Villeion]

I know I can throw the word icon around quite regularly, but that doesn’t mean I use the term lightly at all. Sometimes I use it as a way to describe someone whose music I have become obsessed with while other times, I use it as a descriptor for a person that just feels bigger than the music industry and is a mogul in every sense of the word. For Toronto artist Eva Shaw, I use the word icon in both aforementioned senses, because she has this vibrant personality that seems to shine bright no matter where she is or what she’s doing, and I’m not even talking about her in a musical sense. Her personality just embodies the word, and it feels like she is in a different tier than any other producer out there, but considering she is much more than simply a beat smith, I think her domination makes sense.

It appears as if she has a hand in every part of the creative process of her music, so whether it comes to producing, writing lyrics, composing songs, directing/producing music videos, or any other element of a record’s release, Eva has the reigns and she’s not letting go of them or sacrificing any sort of quality whatsoever. That’s part of the reason why her June album SOLO appeared to be such a success because even though she doesn’t necessarily spit bars on every single song, she makes sure to carefully select the artists that are going to speak to ensure a cohesive and fluid progression.

One of the most entertaining tracks out of the 27 songs on the tracklist for me personally was “F it, I Made It” featuring G Milla and BTK Villeion, so when she hit me up with a link to the track’s Markus Madlangbayan-directed music video, I couldn’t wait to tap in. As with all of her other visuals, Eva shows off her one-of-a-kind fashion sense just as much as she exudes creativity in the overall story of the film, wearing outfits that no one else could pull off as well as her. While taking over this futuristic alternate universe as the leader of an army of robots, she vibes out and shows the inner workings of the armada.

When the beat changes up about halfway through, though, she takes a staircase up into the clouds where she proceeds to DJ for another squadron of robots, proving that it doesn’t matter if she’s on Earth or in another universe because she’s going to put on a show regardless of where she is or who is in the crowd in front of her. Eva Shaw has never failed to deliver catchy, infectious songs that contain a myriad of sounds, giving fans a little bit of everything without sacrificing anything artistically, which means all of her releases are things that you need to stay up to date with, and the music video for “F it, I Made It” is certainly no exception.