STL’s Ezzy Babe returns to the scene with “Philly.”

STL-based musician Ezzy Babe makes his 2023 return with his latest release, “Philly.” The Yusei-produced single delves into the heartfelt narrative of a former love interest seeking solace in Philadelphia when life in St. Louis became overwhelming. Accompanied by a visually pleasing video shot by VickMontFilms, the former vocalist lays bare his emotions, pleading for the one who got away to return home.

What sets “Philly” apart is Ezzy Babe’s commitment to a raw, unfiltered sound that adds to the authenticity and soulful message conveyed in the song. The artist’s comfort with delivering a genuine musical experience reflects his talents without unnecessary distractions, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level.

Ezzy’s upbringing on the North Side of St. Louis, marked by the divorce of his parents during his early teens, shaped the artist’s journey. Following the split, he split his time between the DMV and St. Louis. It was during this period that he was introduced to the late PNB Rock, who played a pivotal role in inspiring Ezzy to be comfortable singing soulful street ballads.

Check out Ezzy Babe’s “Philly” below!