Eye for an Eye (Remix) – [Boslen] ft. [MANILA GREY]

Out west, up in Canada, an artist named Boslen has been steady dropping incredibly anthemic singles that have begun to make ripples across the globe. By far his most successful single to date, “Eye for an Eye” has one of the hardest choruses I’ve heard this year. Once this song gets going, listeners will immediately begin to bop their heads and pound their fists as the triumphant track builds from verse to verse. As if this song wasn’t already on a lightspeed trajectory to the mainstream, the futuristic R&B duo MANILA GREY lent their talents to take things up a notch.

What is truly great about this remix is that it changes the framework of the song and gives it an entirely new sound. While¬†Boslen’s energy is on super saiyan, MANILA GREY bring a much smoother side to the record. Both Soliven and Neeko lean into their R&B sound, becoming the perfect pairing for the chorus to come back and hit even harder. This remix is sure to be included in more than a few people’s gym playlists as it’s that type of song to get your blood pumping, you’ll understand once you listen.

There have been a few artists who’ve begun to grow out of Vancouver, MANILA GREY is definitely in that class. This remix is signifying something very interesting going on in Vancouver, artists with a larger profile teaming up to pass the torch on to one of the city’s rising stars. Now, this might be a normal occurrence in almost any other major market, this is the first time a remix like this has happened. Within a years time, looking back on this single’s release will hopefully be the launching point for what’s to come in Boslen’s career.

Check out the “Eye for an Eye” Remix with MANILA GREY on all platforms here!