Larry June and Babyface Ray stay hot with new visual to “Extra of Um.”

I was taken aback this summer when Larry June’s Spaceship on the Blade album first dropped. Not only by the sheer brilliance of it, but also when I saw Babyface Ray — one of my most-played artists currently — featured on it. “Extra of Um” was one of my favorite tracks on the whole project, and I had honestly kind of buried it in my “liked” songs on Spotify for a while without touching it. Thankfully, I was re-introduced just a couple of weeks back when the official video was released.

I can only imagine the budget for this visual, as the cinematography is flawless and incredibly professional, as expected. A multitude of scene selections and lighting styles highlight the piece, but, most notably, I was blown away by the transitions and shot styles. Crazy rotational shots (that we’re seeing more of lately) are mesmerizing and hallucinogenic, but not in the sense that it’s too much and causes nausea. A perfect mix.

The only aspect of this visual that’s more impressive is the audio itself, I highly recommend tapping into the song if you haven’t.  The West coast and Midwest styles of the two blend perfectly, and I hope the two collaborate much more in the future.

Check out the video for “Extra of Um” on YouTube below!