Exless-[Kate Stephenson]

Chicago native, Kate Stephenson crossed my radar during my nightly ritual of scrolling through tik-tok. I was about 20 videos deep, when I came across one that specifically caught my interest. With so much music circulating the industry that sounds the same, it’s refreshing when you come across a concept that is different than what’s being wildly consumed. In the world of love songs and break up ballads, Kate Stephenson took a chance to create an offering that is about neither and instead touches on the reality of never having an ex…

To this day, the tik-tok has already amassed over 4 million views which speaks to the way in which people are connecting with the story and lyrical content. I was able to get some insight from Kate about the song and she explained:

“It was just another day, and I was (per usual) crying about a boy that I didn’t date. Whenever I feel a strong emotion, typically I do one of two things: 1) I listen to music or 2) I write music. On this particular occasion, I was going through my playlists and skipping song after song because as someone who’s never dated, I couldn’t connect to any of the breakup songs the way that I wanted to. So, I sat down at the piano and wrote “Exless”.”

If you take the time to listen to this track, then you’ll get a glimpse into the sweet soul that is Kate Stephenson. Her music is a breath of fresh air and this latest one is a must listen! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!