Evol – [Outer(net)]

Outer(net) is a new collective out of Chicago that features some of my favorite artists in the city including; Ausar, IsaiahG, Myquale, Aaron Deux and Kiraly Payne. Whenever I got word that these talented creatives were going to connect to create this supergroup, I was truly thrilled, and here we are a few months later & they are on our website with the premiere of their brand new debut record titled “Evol”. IsaiahG started off this one with arguably my favorite verse from him to date, before his fellow U of I alumni Ausar jumped on the beat and complimented him with an equally as good contribution. After that, the man Aaron Deux came through with a verse that was all over the place (in a good way), switching his flows & tone his voice multiple times that made him stand out. Kirlay Payne followed that up with a singing/rapping type of verse that brought another level to the track, before the young king Myquale closed out the record with some straight-up addicting bars, putting the cherry on top of an all-around great offering. Take some time out of your day to stream this brand new track below, and if you want to support this new Chicago collective, follow the guys below!

IsaiahGAaron DeuxAusarMyqualeKiraly Payne

Produced by Aaron Deux & Niko The Great