Evo – [Stash Guapo]

Harlem product Stash Guapo recently released his project Evo, an atmospheric EP that showcases his versatility and potential in just three tracks.

The project opens with “Intro (life interlude)” a nearly two minute song  shows off Guapo’s unique vocal talent, showing a wide range of notes that aren’t typically available in an artist’s arsenal.  The track is a great opener, hinting at the talent that he’ll offer throughout the rest of the project while also leaving a bit of mystery as to what flow and sound he’ll deliver with the next track.

With the two next songs I found that it is clear Guapo is unafraid to attack his music with styles from all across the wide spectrum of hip-hop sound.

Track two, “History,” is another melodic piece, utilizing impressive range and precise style that make for a smooth and effective flow. This joint, however, is a little more uptempo, and adds a speed dimension that the intro lacked. It also added a seamless transition to track three titled “Bank.”

Immediately upon playing, “Bank” gave me much more of a modern-era feel, providing similarities in style to artists like Cochise and Trippie. Its energy is chaotic, and depending on my mood, may take the cake for my favorite of the project. It may be safe to say that’s the general consensus as well, as it has 5,300 streams on Spotify, the most of all three tracks.

Stash Guapo’s wide range of talent and styles will carry him into further success, as his fan base continues to grow and his style continues to cross genre borders.

Peep the project Evo on Spotify below!