Everything’s Great, Everything’s Falling Apart – [Aaron Deux]

Aaron Deux is a Chicago based emcee who I have been a big fan of since he was releasing music on Soundcloud in 2015, he always has a ton of talent, but he was never too consistent with releasing new music. A large part of this is because he’s one of the rawest producers that the city has to offer, so that takes up most of his time, but today is special because Aaron just dropped his brand new EP titled “Everything’s Great, Everything’s Falling Apart”. I have been waiting so long for Aaron to release a tape, so I was ecstatic when I first saw this tape drop, and I eagerly dove right into the music. This is a pretty fast listen coming in at just over ten minutes and length + five tracks included, but it’s jam-packed with great music. Aaron Deux was very experimental on this tape and I appreciated it very much, every single track is like a new adventure in itself, he experiments with new flows, cadences, production, skits, etc. I really like this project, I am going to submit a song off of this tape to our LL Spotify playlist that gets updated on Monday, so maybe you’ll see it on there. Don’t wait for Monday though, get familiar with Aaron by pressing play below!