Everything Sux – [014]

Few artists are creating music as innovative and unique as 014 right now, and today, the mysterious talent himself joins our pages with a brand new video for “Everything Sux”. Marking its identity with a sound that finds the perfect intersection between rock and rap, this release delivers a galvanizing supply of energetic deliveries and instrumentation right off of the bat. 014’s melodic deliveries mesh perfectly with the rebellious sound of the guitar chords, and the lyrics follow right behind, telling the story of how the rising artist slipped out of sobriety and back into drugs.

With this, “Everything Sux” is an incredibly vivid and honest release of the fight with self-control. Scenes of a drug deal and the inner struggle surrounding drugs cross the screen with an enhanced look at the incredible piece of music at hand, and all in all, this is yet another spectacular release from 014. Be sure to check out “Everything Sux” at the link below and follow 014 on Twitter here!

Edited: 014
Shot: Lucas Almeida