Everything Is Fare – [LOWERLIPDRIP]

Chicago rap duo LOWERLIPDRIP have quickly become one of the most intriguing acts to come out of the city’s underground scene lately, and their latest release only further cements them as an experimental hip-hop group worth keeping an eye on.

This two-song project titled ‘Everything Is Fare’ showcases both the raw edges of LOWERLIPDRIP’s industrial sound and the more ambient, understated elements at their disposal as well. “DON’T SHUT ME DOWN” showcases members Dew Haydn and blackrobeBLACKROBES trading some of their most cunning bars to date, supplemented by a mesmerizing beat and dizzying vocal layers. “FERERFAREFAIRFERERFAREFAIR” builds-off this energy with even more moments of memorable lyricism before the song gets obliterated into a distorted, screaming mash of sounds. Both of these songs further establish LOWERLIPDRIP’s distinct sound, and leave a listener with plenty to look forward to from the unique duo.